GPay or GBuy ?


We already talked about this before, the new google payment service is certainly coming very soon according to the Wall Street Journal which have spread the first news about this service. Recently there was another post in the journal titled PayPal Prepares For a Challenge From Google, the article is talking about Paypal and how they are trying to find informations about the new google payment service

Mr. Jordan, who is president of eBay Inc.’s PayPal online-payments unit, immediately asked employees to unearth information about the Google service. Soon, PayPal employees were monitoring blogs, news reports and other data for information about Google’s progress in payments. PayPal staffers even gleaned details about Google’s plans during regular calls to customers who were eager to dish about how Google had reached out to them.
“It’s a very legitimate competitive threat,” says Mr. Jordan, 47 years old. “It’s hard not to pay attention to what Google is doing.”