Orkut accounts linked to Google accounts


Orkut users will now all be linked to a google account. All orkut users must now use Google Accounts to sign in. You’ll have to enter your orkut username and password to link your orkut login to your Google Account. Once its done so, you’ll be able to use your Google Account to sign in to orkut and numerous other Google services.

Orkut and google accounts

I think I have already talked about this as what Google is trying to do. From the social network they can know everything about you : age, country, ethnicity, passions, job, … and then linked to the other google services they can know who is searching for what, what interest who … etc ! That’s google and only google can do this !

As you may notice orkut privacy and TOS have changed. The FAQ explain what’s new but don’t seems to say anything. Just mysterious answers, you have to migrate, you have to use google accounts instead of orkut ones, and look to the answer of “Why is orkut migrating to Google Accounts?

A Google Account functions as a master Google login, made up of a single email address and password. By migrating your orkut account to a Google Account, you can use your Google Account to sign in to Google services that support it, such as Google Groups, Gmail, News Alerts, and Froogle.

The answer is to “What is a google account ?” !! Can someone understand anything here ?